Innovative Test Equipment for the Petrochemical Industry

98 Test Methods – 5 Experts – 1 Goal

API degree, acid number, base number, color, flash point, cloud point, pour point, vapor pressure, viscosity, refractive index, density, specific gravity, water content, sulfur, mercaptan, vapor-liquid ratio temperature of crude oils, lubricants, fuels … there is probably no other industry where that a wide variety of different parameters must be determined in quality control as in the petroleum industry.

As a consequence most petrochemical labs are equipped with measuring instruments from many different manufacturers. Well known suppliers specialized in petroleum testing equipment aim to cover as many applications as possible providing customers with a great variety of different analyzers.

CANNON Instruments, Eralytics, KEM, TANAKA and Zematra selected a different approach: Instead of becoming members of a group, able to cover almost the entire spectrum of petroleum applications, we decided to remain as independent specialists focusing each of us on a limited number of applications. We are convinced that our strong focus on certain technologies is the key to achieving our common goal - supplying our customers with the most advanced solutions for the applications we cover.



CANNON, Eralytics, KEM Tanaka and Zematra: Common booth at ACHEMA 2012 CANNON, Eralytics, KEM Tanaka and Zematra: Common booth at ACHEMA 2012 CANNON, Eralytics, KEM Tanaka and Zematra: Common booth at ACHEMA 2012 CANNON, Eralytics, KEM Tanaka and Zematra: Common booth at ACHEMA 2012 CANNON, Eralytics, KEM Tanaka and Zematra: Common booth at ACHEMA 2012
ASTM and ISO Norms for petroleum productsASTM and ISO Norms for petroleum products

A wide range of petroleum testing equipment – one booth: CANNON, Eralytics, KEM, Tanaka and Zematra would like to thank everybody who visited our common booth at ACHEMA 2012. To display the gallery, please click on one of the pictures on the left.


Since its founding in 1938 by scientist, inventor and educator Dr. Michael R. Cannon, CANNON® Instrument Company has earned international acclaim for the quality of its viscosity-related products and services. The company's longstanding emphasis on production of premiere-quality test equipment has kept CANNON at the cutting edge of research and development for viscosity instrumentation serving a variety of industries.

CANNON has an unique alliance with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). As a NIST delegate for provision of U.S. national measurement standards in the field of viscosity measurement, CANNON can offer their customers unparalleled assurances of the quality of their products. CANNON also provides testing and certification for customer samples, and has the capability to produce custom blend viscosity/density standards.

Every product that CANNON offers has been carefully crafted to meet or exceed specifications required by international standards organizations including ASTM, SAE, ISO, and AASHTO. The major equipment items are CE Mark compliant. All CANNON Certified Viscosity Reference Standards are traceable to NIST. CANNON'S staff maintains professional contact with industry experts in the fields of petroleum and petrochemicals, polymers, asphalt and paving, and many other areas. CANNON also maintains a presence at national and international conferences and exhibitions serving their customers.

CANNON Instrument Company
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With years of dedicated research and expertise in petroleum testing, our specialty is the development, production and global sales and service of high performance quality control instruments for the testing of petroleum and petrochemical products. Intrinsic to everything we do is total customer satisfaction. Designed with the most advanced technologies, with eralytics™ analyzers you are assured of the best in quality, best in performance and best in reliability. We continually develop new applications to assist you in enhancing production efficiency and quality.

During the last 20 years of close co-operation with international customers and partners it has become apparent that the core requirement for petroleum testing instruments is reliable high-performance - whereas high-performance is used to mean a well balanced combination of precision, speed, ease of use and versatility. This core requirement is the basis for each development project of eralytics™.

Reliable high-performance is realized in all eralytics™ analyzers by the following features:

  • Latest technology for maximum precision
  • Full automation for fast & easy operation
  • Large color touch display and built-in industry-PC for advanced communication
  • Portable & rugged design for field applications
  • Modular design for fast & easy maintenance
  • 2 years global warranty for maximum confidence
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eralytics GmbH
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+43 1 890 50 330
eralytics GmbH


Since its founding in 1961, Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) has been concentrated on developing and manufacturing analytical and measuring instruments.

KEM's offering includes four product lines which are required in almost every petrochemical laboratory:

  • Density Meters:KEM offers a wide range of of digital density meters to determine density, specific gravity, API gravity, etc. KEM is a JCSS Accredited Calibration Laboratory for Density assessed on JIS Q 17025:2000 (ISO/IEC 17025: 1999).
  • Refractometers: KEM is a leading center of innovation when it comes to digital refractometers: It was the first company which offered digital refractometers with built-in solid state thermostates.
  • Potentiometric Titrators: KEM's automatic titrators are widely used in the petrochemical industry to perform determinations of the acid and base number, the sulfur (Thiol, Mercaptane) content, etc.
  • Karl Fischer Titrators: World leading, patented technology for potentiometric and coulometric moisture determinations in petroleum products – KEM offers a wide range of Karl Fischer titrators for every need and budget, ranging from compact low cost titrators to modular, touch screen controlled high end systems capable of performing two titrations in parallel.
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Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing


Tanaka Scientific Limited has been engaged in the field of scientific instruments since it was founded in 1901. Since 45 years, Tanaka has been pioneering in the development of automatic petroleum testers. Nowadays Tanaka is regarded as a leading manufacturer of automatic petroleum testers serving the worldwide petroleum market.

Tanaka has been working on the making of standards test methods for JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) on petroleum testing as an appointed member from its beginning in 1968. Also, Tanaka has been a voting member of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) since 1982 and an appointed member of ISO (International Standard Organization) TC28 domestic committee since 1983.

Due to the demand of higher productivity in petroleum testing, laboratory automation systems (LAS) have gained popularity in the industry. Tanaka chaired a study group sponsored by the Japanese Government on the development of LAS. Ever since this study Tanaka has been developing and marketing laboratory automation systems for petroleum testing.

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Tanaka Scientific Limited
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Tanaka Scientific Limited

Zematra BV, your reliable partner in testing!

Zematra is a specialist in the field of analytical instruments for measuring and checking the properties of products from the (petro)chemical industry, food industry and paint/coatings industry. Applying advanced technology on the basis of extensive knowledge and experience, Zematra is a full-service business partner you can rely on. Each Zematra delivery is backed by a great deal of customer support and service (Full Service Concept).

Since several decades, the industrial world has benefited from the in-house knowledge and technology of Zematra Portable Test Equipment for monitoring efficient plant operation on board sea going vessels, off-shore platforms, power stations, etc. Together with the service and marketing department responsible for the line of full scale laboratory equipment used in the (petro)chemical industry, Zematra develops most of the portable equipment in-house. This synergy results in high quality products conforming to the ASTM/ISO/DIN standards.

Zematra is involved in important standardization bodies like ASTM, EI etc. This enables Zematra to advise customers of new methods, changes in the methods etc. and to further develop and commercialize any new ideas which are brought to the table during the different meetings.

Zematra has a sister company: Imotron Instruments International BV - specialized in corrosion monitoring and water analysis.

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